About Our Chapter

The local Tapestry Chapter is a missional membership community of unstoppable women who want to serve as God has called them into the marketplace without apology!

Through fellowship opportunities that deepen faith and sisterhood, the Tapestry offers each woman the encouragement, support, and inspiration she needs. Are you looking for:

  • Sisterhood and support in the journey as a Christian businesswoman
  • Getting comfortable bringing faith into the marketplace
  • Inspiration for business, Faith and life from motivational speakers
  • Prayer, praise and worship
  • Business growth by supporting other Christian businesses in commerce
  • Life balance: physically, emotionally, spiritually
  • Accountability to stay on track to meet their goals as a business owner and lover of Jesus
  • Fresh ideas, support and encouragement for moving them and their business forward

Meet the Director

With her heart for service, Stephanie has always been a champion for change.  Her whole life has been about supporting and building-up people, teams and communities.  And like many women she has wrestled with her identity... not good enough, not smart enough and the list goes on. YET... as she continues to walk out her life journey she has found healing and truth is in living a transparent life. She uses her God given voice (she was paid not to speak as a child) as a weapon against the enemy of man. Her life charge is to right the injustices of shame, lies and fears. To take back what belongs to the Kingdom of God and His daughters with a special heart for women in the marketplace.

We Believe

Our Membership Comes with a Guarantee*